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HTTPS & SSL Certificates Explained

HTTPS & SSL Certificates Explained

Feeling Lost?

Getting lost in the terminology SSL Certificate and HTTPS Configurations can be confusing.

But getting it right means safety for you and your customers communications plus will benefit you in Search Engines as Google uses HTTPS as a ranking factor. 

A simple analogy is to think of a key and a lock. Not only must the key fit the lock, but the quality of the key and the lock make for better security.

SSL Certificates are the keys. HTTPS Configurations are the locks. We test both the key and the lock for you and tell you how both can be improved.

Security like software and hardware improves over time. Some configurations become outdated and insecure as the devices we use like phones get updated and the software the browsers we use like Chrome and Safari are upgraded. 

There is an ongoing arms race to keep communications secure and as flaws are found software is updated. If you don’t keep up to date you could be exposing your customers and business to risks like the data breaches that make headlines and damage reputations. 

The good news is that the web servers used to run websites like Apache and Nginx and Microsoft IIS are surprisingly easy and quick to configure by a good systems administrator. 

A small investment in time can keep you safe for a long period and quarterly checks are usually sufficient to keep you up to date. 

We will cut through the jargon for you and provide you with a report that allows you to take action and direct your technical team without having to skill up on the complexity.

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